84. Characteristics of all-optical switching properties in a guest-host liquid-crystal Fabry-Perot device, H. Ono and M. Ito, Opt. Commun. 223 (2003) 399-409.


A detailed analysis of the recently proposed [Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 40, (2001) L206] all-optical switching in a guest?host liquid crystal (GHLC) Fabry?Perot device is presented. The phase retardation change due to photothermal effects in the GHLC layer was converted into the light transmittance change using the Fabry?Perot cavity. The optical switching phenomena, including steady-state and transient properties, were well explained by theoretically calculating both the optical and thermal properties of the GHLC Fabry?Perot device.

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