63. Optical phase conjugation by degenerate four wave mixing in photorefractive mesoganic composites, K. Kitamura, H. Ono, H. Norisada and N. Kawatsuki, Proceedings of SPIE International Symposium on Optoelectronics 2001 at San Jose, 4279 (2001) 175-182.


We have demonstrated the two types of applications in the field of the optical information processing by using the photorefractive mesogenic composite consisting of a mixture of three components including a functionalized copolymer, a low-molar-mass liquid crystal, and sensitizing dye. One of the applications is to amplify the two-dimensional optical image by means of the Fourier transform geometry with the two-beam coupling optical system. The other is to enhance the edge of the optical image using Fourier transform holographic geometry. We calculated the expected images on the basis of the Fourier transform optics and the photorefractive properties of the mesogenic composite, and obtained good agreement with the observed images and the theoretical expectation.