Photorefractive effects in polymer dissolved liquid crystal composites dopes with fullerene derivatives, H. Ono, R. Hasebe, T. Sasaki, K. Noda and N. Kawatsuki, Opt. Commun. 300 (2013) 210-214.


We investigated the photorefractive performance of the polymer dissolved liquid crystalline composite (PDLCC), in which liquid crystalline polymer and low-molar-mass liquid crystal are miscible without phase separation, doped with three kinds of fullerene derivatives with different length of alkyl groups. The photorefractive performance was improved for the photorefractive PDLCC doped with fullerene derivatives with long length of alkyl groups. The photorefractive grating formation originates in the cooperative reorientation of the liquid crystalline director and the space charge field was estimated using the elastic continuum theory and the field for the PDLCC doped with the functionalized fullerene with longer alkyl side groups was larger than that for the PDLCC doped with conventional fullerene C60.

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