Fabrication of twisted nematic structure and vector grating cells by one-step exposure on photocrosslinkable polymer liquid crystals, M. Kuzuwata, T. Sasaki, N. Kawatsuki and H. Ono, Opt. Lett. 37 (2012) 1115-1117.


We present a simple yet efficient method to automatically fabricate the twisted nematic structure by one-step exposure on the empty glass cell coated with photocrosslinkable polymer liquid crystal (PCLC) films. The resultant photoalignment directions of two substrates can be orthogonal each other by controlling the difference between the exposure energy for upper and down PCLC films and twisted nematic (TN) structure can be automatically fabricated. The vector grating liquid crystalline cell with TN structure was also fabricated by means of developed method and the diffraction properties were well explained by the theoretical calculation on the basis of Jones calculus.

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