Single-shot tomography by means of VIPA & spatial phase modulator installed optical interferometer, T. Morisaki, H. Ono and T. Shioda, Opt. Commun. 284 (2011) 144-147.


A VIPA (virtually imaged phased array) installed optical interferometer has been proposed for scanless tomography. Also, a spatial phase modulator and a line-image sensor were installed into the interferometer to realize single-shot measurement by displaying the delay time on a line-image sensor. The correlation peak function was observed on the line-sensor at same time. The envelope of the peak was given by the inverse Fourier transformation of the light source spectrum. The peak position on the image-sensor reflects the sample structure. Furthermore, the correlation peaks are appeared repeatedly along the delay time of the interferometer. The repeated correlation function raise an alignment flexibility of the sample set position, which has been limited in the traditional time-domain interferometry involving the delay time to be zero. The flexibility was experimentally confirmed at 25 mm related to the VIPA coherency. The resolution was experimentally 52.5 μm when the ASE (amplified spontaneous emission) light source of the optical fiber amplifier was used. The single-shot measurement was realized by a line-image sensor of the 30 frames per second. The repeatability of the interfered peak position was 5 μm by the tunable mirror position. The one-dimensional scanless measurement was demonstrated by use of 3-layer glass plates.

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