Thermal nanoimprinting on pre-aligned photoreactive polymer liquid crystal for molecular reorientation, M. Okada, S. Manabe, M. Kurita, M. Kondo, Y. Haruyama, K. Kanda, A. Emoto, H. Ono, N. Kawatsuki, and S. Matsui, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 49 (2010) 128004.


Molecular orientation in a photo-crosslinkable liquid crystalline polymer (PLCP) film was explored by a thermal nanoinprinting technique using a SiO2/Si mold with a line-and-space (L&S) pattern. A molecular oriented structure was confirmed by polarization optical microscopy and diffraction efficiency measurements, at which the reoriented direction was parallel to the mold lines. We demonstrated thermal nanoimprinting on prealigned PLCP films by linearly polarized UV (LPUV) and evaluated the optical characteristics of imprinted PLCP films. As a result, the prealigned PLCP films were reoriented by thermal nanoimprinting.

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