Surface relief formation in photo-cross-linkable polymer/benzophenone composite films using 325 nm laser, N. Kawatsuki, M. Kondo, M. Okada, S. Matsui, H. Ono and A. Emoto, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 49 (2010) 080207.


We achieved facile surface relief (SR) formation with symmetrical and asymmetrical structure in photoreactive polymer/benzophenone (BP) monomer composite films by holographic exposure to 325-nm He–Cd laser beams. Under holographic exposure, photo-excited BP molecules induced photo-crosslinking of the composite film, incorporating BP molecules into the polymer and generating molecular motion, resulting in SR formation. The height of the SR depended on the polymer/BP ratio, and reached 550 nm. Furthermore, slantwise exposure resulted in asymmetrical SR formation. The resultant SR gratings were transparent to visible light and thermally stable up to 95 °C.

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