148. Two-dimensional patterning of colloidal crystals by means of lateral auto-cloning in edge-patterned cells, A. Emoto, T. Kamei, T. Shioda, N. Kawatsuki and H. Ono, J. Appl. Phys. 105 (2009) 123506.


We report the experimental results of two-dimensional patterning of colloidal crystals using edge-patterned cells. Solvent evaporation of a colloidal suspension from the edge of the cell induces self-organized crystallization of spherical colloidal particles. From a reservoir of colloidal suspension in the cell, different colloidal suspensions are injected repetitively. An edge-patterned substrate is introduced into the cell as an upper substrate. As a result, different colloidal crystals are alternately stacked in the lateral direction according to the edge pattern. The characteristics of cloning formation are specifically showed including deformations from the original pattern. This two-dimensional patterning of three-dimensional colloidal crystals by means of lateral autocloning is promising for the development of photonic crystal arrays for use in optic and photonic devices.

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