145. Elastic continuum analysis and diffraction properties of two-dimensional liquid crystalline grating cells, H. Ono, M. Hishida, A. Emoto, T. Shioda and N. Kawatsuki, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 26 (2009) 1151-1156.


A detailed analysis of two-dimensional liquid crystalline grating cells is presented. Crossed liquid crystalline gratings were prepared using two kinds of photo-alignment polymers, i.e., poly(vinyl cinnamate) (PVCi) and photocrosslinkable polymer liquid crystal (PCLC). The effects of the anchoring strength of photo-alignment polymer films and crossing angles of grating vectors on one pair of photo-alignment substrates were extensively investigated using elastic continuum analysis, Jones calculus, and diffraction theory. The anchoring strength of our PCLC film was sufficiently strong, and experimental observation was in good agreement with the theoretical values obtained assuming the strong anchoring (fixed boundary conditions), although PCLC still has limits with the capability of photo-alignment of the low-molar-mass liquid crystals.

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