122. Simple detection of light polarization by using crossed polarization gratings, T. Sasaki, A. Hatayama, A. Emoto, H. Ono and N. Kawatsuki, J. Appl. Phys. 100 (2006) 063502. 


A simple procedure to detect light polarization by use of crossed polarization gratings in
photo-cross-linkable liquid crystals is presented. Crossed polarization gratings consisting of four
anisotropic gratings with different grating vectors were designed according to the theoretical
expectation obtained on the basis of the Jones calculus, and fabricated by means of multiple
holographic recording. The polarization state of the incident beam was estimated by measuring the
intensity of the diffracted beams, and by analyzing them on the basis of Jones calculus. The
presented result, which requires no mechanical driver to rotate the polarizing prisms, provides a
high-speed detection system for light polarization.

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