112. Dielectric properties of laser-induced conditions in a hybrid composite made by doping a side-chain liquid crystalline polymer, S. E. San, M. Okutana, O. Koysala, and H. Ono, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 351 (2005) 2764-2767.


A side-chain liquid crystalline polymer (SLCP) was investigated by measuring the laser-induced effects on molecular reorientation. A 20 mW He-Cd (l= 441.6 nm) laser was used as a pumping source during the measurements, which were performed by an impedance analyzer to see the effect of laser illumination on the polymer-doped and non-polymered samples. Dielectric anisotropy dependency is quantitatively estimated via capacitive measurements. Our results show that laser pumping causes a considerable decrease in the required amount of voltage for reorientation in the constructed SLCP composite.