106. Photorefractivity in polymer dissolved liquid crystal composites composed of low-molecular-weight nematic liquid crystals and copolymer comprising mesogenic side groups, N. Kawatsuki, H. Norisada, T. Yamamoto, H. Ono and A. Emoto, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 6 (2005) 158-164.


This paper describes the photorefractive effect of the liquid crystalline composite materials comprising low-molecular-weight nematic liquid crystals (L-LC), copolymer with mesogenic side groups and a small amount of photosensitizer. Copolymers with four kinds of mesogenic side groups were investigated with respect to the compatibility between the L-LC and the copolymer and the photorefractivity of the composites. Two of them could be miscible with L-LC and the composite exhibited LC phase even though the copolymer itself did not show a LC phase. High gain coefficients (>200 cm?1) under the low applied dc electric field (<1 V/m) was observed when the composites showed a mesophase without any macroscopic phase separation.