103. Two-dimensional crossed polarization gratings in photocrosslinkable polymer liquid crystals, H. Ono, A. Hatayama, A. Emoto, N. Kawatsuki and E. Uchida, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 44 (2005) L306-L309.


Various types of two-dimensional crossed polarization gratings have been prepared in a photocrosslinkable polymer liquid crystal substituted with a 4-methoxycinnamoyloxybiphenyl side group by the use of orthogonally polarized ultraviolet interference light and subsequent annealing. The phase grating is almost invisible after irradiating the ultraviolet interference light without annealing and is thermally enhanced during the subsequent annealing. The two-dimensional crossed polarization gratings can generate two-dimensional diffraction patterns with various types of polarization states. The experimental results are in good agreement with the theoretical expectations on the basis of the Jones calculus.

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