102. Extremely large degree photoinduced in-plane reorientation in azobenzene-containing polymer liquid crystal film using 633nm light, E. Uchida, N. Kawatsuki, H. Ono and A. Emoto, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 44 (2005) 570-574.


The thermally enhanced photoinduced reorientation behavior of liquid crystalline (LC) polymethacrylate films comprising methoxyazobenzene side groups with different spacer lengths between the azobenzene group and the polymer backbone was investigated based on axis-selective photoisomerization using linearly polarized (LP) 633 nm light and thermal amplification of the photoinduced anisotropy. A high-order in-plane reorientation parallel to the polarization of LP 633 nm light was accomplished regardless of the spacer length. We found that the initial orientation of the mesogenic groups played an important role in the reorientation, and clarified the reorientation mechanism by polarization absorption spectroscopy.

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