152.Effects of recording wavelength on three-dimensional vector holograms in photoreactive liquid crystal composites, T. Sasaki, O. Hanaizumi, T. Iwato, A. Emoto, N. Kawatsuki and H. Ono, Opt. Commun. 283 (2010) 528-531


IEffects of recording wavelength on the recently proposed [Appl. Opt. 47 (2008) 2192] three-dimensional vector holograms, in which the optical anisotropy is three-dimensionally modulated, are presented experimentally and theoretically. The polarization states of the interference light are three-dimensionally modulated due to both the polarization interference and optical anisotropy in the recording medium. These spatial distributions of the polarization states and the resulting diffraction properties in the three-dimensional vector holograms are strongly dependent on the recording wavelength. Theoretical consideration based on the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method reveals the mechanism of the optical characteristics of the three-dimensional vector holograms recorded by various kinds of light sources with different wavelengths.

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